About Us

Our History
This new school shares common ownership with Rhodes Park School, which started out as a small nursery school that was established in 1966 to cater to Lusaka’s white and expatriate community, who were the historically inhabitants of the suburbs of Rhodes Park and Fairview.

The School was purchased by a Lusaka lawyer, the late Mwansa Folotiya and his wife Lydia in 1973.  Primary classes began seven years later in 1980. Further growth over the following years resulted the need for more space and in 1985, a large plot of land was secured at Sibweni Road, Northmead, Lusaka.

The current phase of the Rhodes Park School’s development began in late 1993, when ownership and control passed into the hands of the children of the late Mwansa and Lydia Folotiya after their untimely demise. The school started a major expansion and redevelopment programme that has seen it grow to become a leader in Zambia’s private education sector.

Out of this background now comes Woodford School Lusaka, a new offering at an ideal location with a campus that will soon undergo major redevelopment. This exciting new beginning aims to continue the legacy of excellent education and the high standards of service.

Spiritual Foundation

Woodford Schools offer non-denominational Christian schooling that is committed to the belief that a life based on a personal relationship with one's God is an important component of a meaningful existence. Thus, boys and girls of any faith are welcomed and respected.